If you haven't already, you are going to soon find yourself asking "what is that spinning thing"? That "spinning thing" that seems to be in almost every kids hand these days is called a Fidget Spinner and it is the next hot thing for kids. My wife is a teacher and she says they started showing up in classrooms a couple months ago and now they all have them.

So..what is a "Fidget Spinner"? It is a simple toy built with a ball baring that spins around the center where you hold it very easy kind of like a fan. They were first used to help kids with ADHD and ADD focus by keeping their hands busy to increase concentration. Spinners come in multiple designs, shapes, and colors and kids seem to love collecting all the different types. Most retail stores can barely keep them on the shelves they have been so popular.

Fidget Spinners have also been causing problems in schools because of the distraction in causes. Some spinners make noise but mostly it causes a visual distraction to other kids. Will these continue to get popular and spread in popularity so your Grandmother is playing with her Fidget Spinner, or are they going to burn out fast? We should find out soon!

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