Remember, the Seahawks picked Malik McDowell as their first pick of 2017. He is a special 6'6" 300 pound defensive lineman that was supposed to be wrecking the offensive lines of the NFC West for the Hawks. Instead, he is not even on the team. Why?

Malik McDowell is not on the team because he had a really bad accident in the off season on an ATV and might not ever play football again. This situation has been kept really quiet by the organization and most people did not even notice...yet. When the accident first happened, the official word from Malik is that he would report for training camp and be ready to play soon. Now we realize that he had very serious injuries to his body including to his face and bone structure according to news reports. Pete Carroll, the head coach, finally released a statement saying that it would be quite a while before he could play. He is currently on the teams non-football injury list and will be there for at least 6 weeks.

Now we know that he may never recover and be able to play football again. It will take lots of work and luck to see him on the field for the Seahawks in the future. I wish him luck.

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