Will Smith aka The Fresh Prince of Bel Air may be making a come back in to rap. He sat down in Budapest, Hungary with the Rap Radar pod cast to talk about, well pretty much everything. Subjects ranged from the crazy popularity and success of the Fresh Prince TV show, his 20-year marriage to Jada Pinkett-Smith, his kids, and possibly NEW MUSIC!

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Now to see the whole interview, you have to get Tidal (honestly, I didn't even know Tidal was still a thing). But from what I've heard and seen so far, it's worth getting the free trial just for this interview. Also, pro-tip: follow Will on Instagram. He's truly living his best life, and is sharing all the fun and joy with the rest of us!

As far as new music goes, we REALLY want that to happen soon. He said he's be inspired and has been working on new stuff. No date just yet, but we haven't heard the last of Will Smith, the rapper!

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