One woman had to be pulled out of the car by police before it burst into flames after suspects running from police in a high speed chase stretching from Prosser to Sunnyside crashed.

The woman was one of four passengers in a car that was trying to flee the scene of a reported shoplifting at the Prosser Shopko just before 7pm.

Prosser police quickly found the suspects car and attempted to pull them over but they fled onto I-82. The suspects black Honda Civic drove at speeds from 70 to 100 mph, passed cars on the shoulder, and managed to avoid a WSP spike strip.

Then the driver exited I-82 at Sunnyside and continued to run at high speeds, even driving on the wrong side of the road at times.

Still trying to get away, the suspects quickly drove onto a walking path, then hitting 3 cars and crashing suddenly.

Four people were found in the black Honda Civic. The last woman had to be pulled out right before the car burst into flames, according to reports.

27 year old Alonzo R. McJoe, the driver, and booked into the Yakima County jail for second-degree criminal trespass, DUI and driving with a suspended license.

Allegedly two of the passengers, Samantha M. David, 28, of White Swan, and Chelsea D. Price, 25, of Toppenish had heroin on them. 27 year old Lawrence L. Baumeister from Toppenish was also found in the crashed car.

One of the woman had the drugs stashed in a non "PG rated" area.

Samantha David was sent to Benton County jail on outstanding warrants. The other two people have not been charged.

Original Story:

Prosser Police Department
5 hrs ·
Theft, illegal narcotics, fast cars, stolen car, poor driving, crashes, warrants, more illegal narcotics in…well…lets just say it’s not PG rated and LOTS of cops. What does all that have in common? Well the answer really should be nothing, but for Prosser PD, it meant a single call all rolled into one! Where’s Live PD when you need them? Not here but for real, when can we be on the show?
Officers received a call of a theft in progress at ShopKo just before 7pm. While responding to the area, the Officers located the suspect vehicle and attempted to stop it. Well the driver of the vehicle decided that was not exciting enough for the beginning of our Monday and took off onto the Interstate. Officers initiated a pursuit and requested assistance from additional agencies. We found out pretty quickly that the vehicle in question was stolen out of Yakima County a week prior. Speeds varied between 70-100mph as the driver began passing vehicles on the shoulder, also managing to avoid a spike strip set up by WSP. As the driver decided that Sunnyside was a great place to go, he began driving into oncoming traffic before taking a quick (and we mean really quick) trip on the walking path. As the vehicle fled further into Sunnyside with Sunnyside PD and our officers on its tail, the driver crashed into three vehicles.

Four occupants, all from Yakima County, were apprehended shortly after. The last female occupant had to be drug from the car by Prosser Officers after the vehicle burst into flames.

All occupants were transported to the hospital for evaluation. At the hospital, one female was found with several foil Heroin pouches, a meth pipe, and other drug paraphernalia in her purse. The other female had similar foil pouches removed from...well those non PG rated areas we spoke about earlier. The male driver was arrested by WSP for warrants and DUI.

Next up? Search warrant on the vehicle to locate any stolen property and any additional narcotics and paraphernalia. So Live PD…we’re waiting.

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