Would you believe it if I told you that for under $500,000 you could buy a 125-foot ship that not only floats but is in good working order? Believe it because Galati Yacht Estates has that ship for sale right now for a huge price reduction. The ship was made in 1938 by the Army Corps of engineers originally as a military survey craft and has a high-iron riveted steel which helps it avoid corrosion. The ship was also designed to be very efficient with fuel especially for its size only using 12-15 GPH on average. Explore the whole ship with a photo gallery below.

The ship has a huge kitchen, 8 cabins, 6 bathrooms, and 125 feet of room to explore. Top speed is a comfortable 6 knots as you cruise just about anywhere you want with the 8000 gallons of fuel it carries. The dining area seats 12 people with separate entrances in the back and rear. There is also a full wet bar with windows all around and room for 16 people. 

If you have the money and were thinking about buying a retirement home for when you want to relax. Instead take that money and buy a retirement ship you can travel with. Of course, there would be some other expenses like mechanical expenses and a crew but for a lot less than you would think. I can personally think of a hundred uses for this ship. After doing some calculations, you can drive for around 27 days straight with that size of a fuel tank. Just try not to think of what 8000 gallons of fuel will cost you. (Psssss..$40,000) 

Seattle Built Yacht for Half a Million Dollars

Explore this Seattle built yacht available to buy now!

The Lyla is a 53-Foot Yacht You Can Rent on Airbnb in Gig Harbor

If you're looking for something different to satisfy your adventuring needs, the Lyla is a 53-foot yacht in Gig Harbor, Washington that you can rent on Airbnb. Kenzie and Griffin restored her earlier in 2021 and she's absolutely beautiful. Lyla is pet-friendly and Kenzie and Griffin decorate for the holidays and supply complimentary wine.


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