Today is October 31st. We've been gearing up for Halloween since school started back up. Stores have been selling costumes and candy, houses have been decorated, tricks and treats have been planned all leading up to this very spooky day! Tomorrow, of course, is November 1st, and if you haven't already seen the Christmas decorations creeping up in stores, you sure as heck will now! But what about Thanksgiving!?

I feel like every year, more and more, Christmas has encroached on Thanksgiving! I mean, what the heck, America! How can we forget one of the best holidays ever!? It's all about giving thanks and eating a lot. It's AWESOME! There's food and football and passing out on the couch! I love it! But it doesn't seem to get the attention it deserves. Christmas is the chosen one, and Thanksgiving just a prelude to the holiday season. I have friends that start playing Christmas music once November hits, and I'm like SLOW YOUR ROLL!!! But, this may just be me. Maybe you like rocking the Christmas tunes as soon as you can.

When do YOU think it's okay to start getting ready for Christmas. Take the poll!

When should you start getting ready for Christmas?

November 1st
Mid November
After Thanksgiving
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