If you're like my wife and I, you love Zip's. My wife loves the chicken and fries, while I might lasso a Wrangler. She's crazy about their house-made tartar sauce, I dig the fry. But we both agree that Zip's shakes are the best around!

What makes Zip's shakes so special? The variety of flavors. Who wants a chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry shake when you can have peanut-butter, butterscotch or huckleberry?

Zip's has been a crowd-pleaser in the Inland Northwest for as long as I can remember. So lets learn a little something about this Washington State original.


  • Zips Drive-In
    Zips Drive-In

    How Long Has Zips Been Around?

    The first Zips restaurant opened its doors in 1953.

  • Zip's by the Cable Bridge
    Zip's by the Cable Bridge

    Zips Started in Kennewick, WA

    You can still dine at the at the original Zips, located by the cable bridge in Kennewick.

  • Zip's Drive-In
    Zip's Drive-In

    Zips Was Named After Its Founder

    Robert "Zip" Zuber created the Inland Northwest favorite. I'd love to show you what he looked like, but I couldn't find an image anywhere online.

  • Hanford.gov

    Zip's Original Mission

    Every business must offer the solution to consumers needs. In the case of Zips, the Hanford Nuclear reservation created an influx of scientists, engineers and their "atomic" families who would want good eats at an affordable price. That's right - Zip's is brain food!

  • Gonzaga University, courtesy Visit Spokane
    Gonzaga University, courtesy Visit Spokane

    Zips Second Location

    Zip's second restaurant to open is located in Spokane near Gonzaga University. See? Brain food.

  • Wikipedia

    Is There a Zip's Near Me?

    8 counties in the Inland Northwest have Zips. You'll find them in Washington and Idaho. Use this map to find one close to you.

  • Zip's by the Cable Bridge
    Zip's by the Cable Bridge

    Zips Motto

    Robert "Zip" Zuber came up with the slogan, "Thrift and Swift." We can debate the thrift part today, as economic conditions have forced the franchise to raise its prices over the years. Hey, whatever it takes to keep Zips in our lives.

  • Universal

    Zips Used to Be a Drive-In

    Maybe it's still a drive-in by name, but in the 1960s, Zip's parking lot was full of car-hops, hot rods and family Studebakers. Think Mel's in American Graffiti, or Arnold's on Happy Days. Aaaaaaay! Fonzie would've loved Zip's.

  • Photo by micheile dot com on Unsplash
    Photo by micheile dot com on Unsplash

    Zips Helped Bring Drive-Thrus to the Inland Northwest

    Life was moving pretty fast by the 1970s. Who had time to stop and eat? Thus began the drive-thru restaurant. Zip's didn't invent the idea, but they were early adopters. And it probably secured the chain's future.

  • Getty Images
    Getty Images

    Zips Makes a Lot of Sauce

    Zips makes their own sauces. 30 gallons of fry sauce a week, and 40 gallons of tartar sauce - that's more than it takes to green-slime someone on Nickelodeon.

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