And just like that, it became Oscar season. The time of year when movies get DEAD SERIOUS on us! Where the drama of our lives takes a back seat to the drama on the big screen... Okay, You get the point. Super-dramatic, thought-provoking, and otherwise melancholy movies will take over at the box office in their attempt to entertain, while also chasing little gold statues. I say the season has started now, because to me, it always starts with that one fall film that takes us away from the thrills and frills of summer blockbusters, and guides us in to a more chill time of movie magic.

So, which movie has kicked off Oscar season this time? "A Star is Born". I was SUPER skeptical when I first heard that they were doing this movie AGAIN (there are 3 versions, in case you didn't know). But after the trailers, I was like, "Okay, I'll give is a chance." And now that I've seen it, I'm glad I did. With no further chitter-chatter, here's what I loved and why you should check it out:


  • THE MUSIC IS AMAZING! Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga are BOTH actually singing on these tracks. If you didn't know, Ms. Gaga is an AMAZING vocalist. She can sing pop tracks to, jazz, classical, country and more. And she also plays several instruments, which, if you've had the pleasure of seeing her live, you'd know. I'm picking up this soundtrack TODAY! The music is just that amazing!

2. The Chemistry

  • In this film Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper have to get real close, real fast. And they do! I will say (without giving anything away) the love scenes are beautifully done in this move, and are surprisingly modest compared to a lot of the current movies and cable network TV shows. Their love is both believable and lovely to watch on screen. In person, I've seen them looking awkward on photos together, but they for sure shed any lack of comfort for the screen. Good acting both!

3. Sam Elliott & Andrew Dice Clay

  •  Sam Elliott is in this movie. He is amazing and will definitely get a Best Supporting Actor nod for either one or both of the Golden Globes or Academy Awards. Andrew Dice Clay may ALSO land some nominations for his performance as Lady Gaga's father! After years of not being hot, Andrew may have found the role he's been waiting for. Both of these vets gave amazing performances.

4. Directing by Bradley Cooper.

  • First directing gig straight out the gate, and he did GOOD! That's definitely an amazing feat. There were some choices in editing and direction, that I didn't agree with, especially the ending (you'll see). However, this being is first major motion picture that he's directed AND he starred in!? That's crazy that he did so well in both jobs. Good on ye, Rocket Racoon!

5. The Issues

  • There are some serious issues this movie incorporates and all are very relevant to toady. I think that's why remaking this film 4 times makes sense. Sure times, have changed, but humans still have issues, and sadly a lot of them just haven't gone away. Alcoholism, the music industry, depression, suicide, grief, selling out... And the list goes on. There are so many amazing scenes of what these issues are to so many people done very well. I would have liked more of Bradley's character, but he's not the star.

Overall, the movie is fun, sad, mesmerizing, beautiful and sad. I think you'll be very happy you went to experience it. Have fun at the movies!

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