I'm a big fan of low-tech. I have a VCR, an Atari, a Polaroid camera from the 60s, and my original Nintendo! And they all still work! Not gonna lie, I also have a boom box from the late 80s that I still use! So when I heard that Mumford and Sons was releasing their new album on cassette tape I was SO EXCITED! I mean, who does that any more?

Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of people interested in old media and tech. Vinyl has made a HUGE comeback and that caused a resurgence of record players being made and sold. So, I'm wondering if cassettes will come back. It also got me wondering who actually still owns working tape players? And what other old tech do we still have that we are using. That being said, let's take the poll. Check out the tech listed below and mark each one you still have. And hey, if you still have a working tape player, you can get the new Mumford album for like $8! What a steal!

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