Is it just me, or lately does it seem like we are surrounded by people in Tri-Cities that either forgot or never learned how to drive a car correctly?

Honestly, I can't take it anymore and have to point out these 5 things I see every day that should NEVER happen!

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    No Yield Turns

    This has to be one of the most dangerous & frequent "dumb driver" mistakes I see. People come to an intersection when their light is red (or they have a stop sign) and slightly slow down but do not check for traffic and just go.  If you are turning without right of way, LOOK TO MAKE SURE A CAR IS NOT COMING!  I am tired of slamming my breaks for these idiots.

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    Using Shoulder for Turn Lane

    You are 3 cars back in line waiting at a red light to turn right with your blinker on. Suddenly some idiot flies by you on the shoulder located on your right from 4 cars behind you to pass the line of cars waiting so they can turn.

    THAT IS NOT LEGAL! Anyone of those cars waiting could suddenly turn right (and in front of that idiot) causing an accident.

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    Driving Blocks Down Merge Lane to Turn Lane

    The merge lane (like the one located on Edison to W Canal Drive) is NOT AN EXTRA LANE TO SKIP TRAFFIC TO THE TURN LANE TO CANAL DRIVE!

    I see people speed all the way up that hill in the "merge lane" to try and pass the traffic EVERY DAY!

    The turn lane does not start until the yellow line breaks and you see a white turn arrow on the road.

    The merge lane is for people getting into or out of traffic, not a passing lane for idiots!

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    Driving Around Someone Turning Across Traffic

    In a single lane road, you are waiting to turn left and the person behind you cuts around you on your right!

    What they obviously do not realize is that if the oncoming car needs to turn to your right, you both turn at the same time yielding to each other.

    If the car behind you waits, they have the right of way across the intersection. THEY DO NOT if they bypass the lane and drive around on the right that could cause the oncoming turning traffic to turn directly into them.


    Not Using Blinker or Mirrors

    I see people driving every day that might not even know they have a blinker or mirrors on their car! I don't know how many time I see someone switch lanes, turn, or merge without a simple glance in their blind spot or a signal.

    THERE ARE OTHER PEOPLE ON THE ROADWAY! Before you move in any direction but forward, click the blinker and check your mirrors.

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