An early Madden simulation for the 2018 NFL season has the Seattle Seahawks finish with a 14-2 record and Super Bowl LIII Champions! Sounds good to me!

The accuracy of Madden to predict the NFL has already been proven to be scary accurate with 10 of the last 14 guessed right. That is 71%.

Vegas on the other hand, only has the Seahawks chance of winning 25 to 1. I think I will go with Madden on this one.

The rules were set with:

  • Absolutely no user games were played. 
  • Live rosters used were up to date as of February 2, 2018, so just before the Super Bowl. It does account for the recent Alex Smith trade that sent him to Washington.
  • Trades and other transactions were turned off.
  • Screenshots were taken from unrelated exhibition games with the exception of the Super Bowl. Those images were taken over the course of the actual game with the AI controlling both teams. Some screenshots also previously appeared on our weekly simulations throughout the season.

Here is how the season breaks down by division:

AFC East

  1. y-New England Patriots: 10-6
  2. Miami Dolphins: 7-9
  3. Buffalo Bills: 6-10
  4. New York Jets: 3-13

AFC North

  1. y-Pittsburgh Steelers: 12-4
  2. x-Baltimore Ravens: 8-8
  3. Cincinnati Bengals: 5-11
  4. Cleveland Browns: 5-11

AFC South

  1. y-Tennessee Titans: 9-7
  2. Jacksonville Jaguars: 8-8
  3. Houston Texans: 7-9
  4. Indianapolis Colts: 6-10

AFC West

  1. z-Los Angeles Chargers: 13-3
  2. y-Kansas City Chiefs: 10-6
  3. Denver Broncos: 7-9
  4. Oakland Raiders: 6-10

NFC East

  1. z-Philidelphia Eagles: 14-2
  2. Dallas Cowboys: 9-6
  3. Washington Redskins: 5-11
  4. New York Giants: 2-13

NFC North

  1. y-Minnesota Vikings: 12-4
  2. Chicago Bears: 9-7
  3. Green Bay Packers: 8-8
  4. Detroit Lions: 7-9

NFC South

  1. y-New Orleans Saints: 12-4
  2. x-Atlanta Falcons: 11-5
  3. Carolina Panthers: 5-10
  4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 3-12

NFC West

  1. z-Seattle Seahawks: 14-2
  2. x-Los Angeles Rams: 11-5
  3. Arizona Cardinals: 7-9
  4. San Francisco 49ers: 4-12


Wildcard Round

Baltimore Ravens 24, New England Patriots 17

New Orleans Saints 28, Los Angeles Rams 21

Kansas Chiefs 26, Tennessee Titans 14

Minnesota Vikings 45, Atlanta Falcons 42

Divisional Round

Los Angeles Chargers 24, Baltimore Ravens 10

Philadelphia Eagles 42, Minnesota Vikings 24

Kansas City Chiefs 27, Pittsburgh Steelers 17

Seattle Seahawks 31, New Orleans Saints 17

Conference Championships

Kansas City Chiefs 33, Los Angeles Chargers 28

Seattle Seahawks 34, Philadelphia Eagles 17

Super Bowl LIII - Seattle Seahawks 28, Kansas City Chiefs 16

Russell Wilson threw for 276 yards and two touchdowns while Chris Carson ran in the game-winner in the third quarter as Seattle won their second Super Bowl title in five seasons. Wilson connected with Tyler Lockett for both scores in the first half, as the wideout finished the game with six receptions for 122 yards. Carson took 22 carries for 74 yards and also scored in the first half before putting the game away midway through the fourth quarter. Mahomes had 239 yards passing along with a touchdown to Travis Kelce, but an interception early on in the fourth quarter led to Carson’s eventual score and the Seahawks draining the clock. Kareem Hunt struggled to just 44 yards rushing as Kansas City was largely held in check by the Seattle defense.

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