JUUL is the very popular brand of a portable e-cigarette that is now becoming very popular with kids in elementary and middle schools. It is becoming so popular, kids have created the verb JUULing to describe it.

The JUUL is not supposed to be sold or used to anyone under the age of 18 because it contains nicotine like smoking, but kids are getting their hands on them. Kids are finding it easy to hide in plane sight because they look just like a portable USB stick.

credit www.juulvapor.com
credit www.juulvapor.com

The JUUL has become the most popular e-cig on the market with 50% of all sales. In 2016, JUUL had an increase of over 700% in business and people are afraid a large chunk of that is kids. Different studies have shown that kids as young as 12 are aware what JUUL is and lots of middle school students admit they see there friends "hit the JUUL".

"With JUULs, it’s a five-minute buzz that keeps you entertained in class – your eyes aren’t red, your speech isn’t slurred, it doesn’t smell bad." said one interviewed teen, according to reports.

Using JUUL gives the user a 5 minute nicotine high without any smell or identifying characteristics making it easy to hide. Some middle schools are reporting students meet in bathrooms to take part in "JULLing".

A statement from JUUL reads in part:

"We strongly oppose and actively discourage the use of our product by minors, and it is in fact illegal to sell our product to minors. No minor should be in the possession of a JUUL product. We are committed to reducing the number of minors who possess or use tobacco products, including e-cigarettes, and to find ways to keep young people from ever trying these products. That's why we raised the age of purchasing JUUL on our website to age 21. To further combat underage use, JUUL Labs is focused on education, enforcement, and partnership with others who are working on this issue, including lawmakers, educators and our business partners. Specifically, we are:

· Evaluating technological innovations intended to address underage use.

· Launching educational pilot programs in high schools in California.

· Actively working with law enforcement and community leaders across the country.

· Deploying a secret shopper program to monitor age verification of retailers."

Do you think JUUL is doing enough to combat this problem and keep our kids safe? It doesn't seem like it to me.

As a parent, stay aware about "buzz" words your kids might be using that you do not know the meaning like JUULing.

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