Blue moon, New moon, Blood moon, Harvest moon... We have give names to all kinds of lunar phenomenon and here's another to add to the list: the Strawberry Moon. I had never heard of a Strawberry Moon, though the term has been around for a LONG time. According to The Old Farmer's Almanac, the name derives from the Algonquin tribe. It was the name they gave the moon that signaled the beginning of strawberry picking season. The moon is large and can have a reddish hue, and seems much larger than usual upon rising.

We're going to see the Strawberry moon Wednesday night (June 28th). Moon-rise is at 8:24 p.m. and it will be at its fullest by 9:53 p.m. which will be the best times to view the moon. The skies should be clear Wednesday night, so it will be great for viewing and photo taking. So gather up the family or friends and maybe have a little Strawberry Moon hike up Badger, or lay a blanket out in the backyard. Add a little wonder to your summer!

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