Before you read the details, the craziest thing I can tell you about this story is that the 13 year old allegedly had his parents permission to use the SUV at 2 in the morning!

Pasco police noticed the suspicious SUV driving early Tuesday just after 2 in the morning at Chiawana Park and tried to pull it over, according to their Facebook page. The 2017 Nissan Murano refused and instead sped down Road 68 and then headed west on Argent according to Pasco Officer Alexander Busch.

The SUV driver lost control on the gradual turn on Argent after road 100 and ran off the road. The SUV crashed into a large 5th wheel camper with luckily nobody inside. The SUV ended up almost completely buried inside the camper after the crash.

The driver, a 13 year old teen, was treated for minor injuries and allegedly did have his parents permission to use the SUV at 2 in the morning, according to reports.

"The driver, who had permission from his parents to use the SUV, was treated for minor injuries."

There was also a 13 year old female in the car when it crashed that ran away from the scene but was found later unharmed at her home.

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