Halloween costume contests bring out the best in some people. They put a ton of time, creativity, and money into crafting an attention-getting character that would stop anyone's scroll.

There are plenty of costume contests with prizes to go around this year, but the magic ingredient that always attracts the top-tier cosplayers is MONEY.

And have I found a party for you.

The 5th Annual Halloween Bar Crawl 

Halloween Bar Crawl, Facebook
Halloween Bar Crawl, Facebook

Let's cut to the chase here: you could win a $1000 Grand Prize in the 5th Annual Halloween Bar Crawl Costume Contest. Is that enough cash candy for you?

Bar crawls are fun, too. This one will cost you $20 to $25 to participate, and it's best to buy tickets before you go, but that includes a drink or shot. Here's what else to expect:

  • US Stadium Cup (First 400 Check Ins) for your beer, cocktails, and eventually your hangover-prompted Bloody Mary.
  • Exclusive Drink Specials
  • Food Specials at Partner Venues!
  • Waived Cover at All Venues ($5-$15 at Some Venues Without Ticket)
  • Professional Photographers to capture that look you and your friends spent so much time (and money) on.
  • After Party
  • Custom Halloween Badge with Vouchers

Check in is at Fast Eddies between 4pm and 6pm (the earlier the better if you want that souvenir cup).

Bar crawl event is from 4pm to 10pm and will have you wandering to some of my favorite Spokane venues, including The Globe, Gamers Arcade Bar, and Flatstick Pub.

After party goes from 10pm to Midnight, after that can you catch a Lyft or an Uber home and throw up on the lawn on the way into the house. Damn. You almost made it. 

But who knows? With any luck, you'll wake up $1000 richer.

Good luck and happy Halloween!

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