October is the kick-off to the spooky season and Valley Mall is ready to take its Halloween festivities to the next level! Do you have plans for Saturday, October 22nd? Mark your calendar for a spooktacularly good time!
Spooktacular Malloween 
Join us... if you dare... for a bunch of hocus pocus and ghoulish good times! Costume Contest - Candy - Crafts -Games - Special guest appearances by some famous faces & more! Valley Mall's upper level.
Monica Hernandez
Monica Hernandez
Come dressed in your favorite Halloween outfits and join me and many more characters, ready for a hauntingly good time! FYI if you don't want to dress up, you will still be able to attend this free event!
Live Performances
All I can say is some very powerful famous witch sisters will be in attendance so this is for sure an event you will NOT want to miss!
What Sort of Fun?
There will be games, a costume contest, candy, crafts, and good times for sure
What Time?
Malloween is a free event that is being held on Saturday, October 22nd, 2022 from 12 pm - 2 pm and will be located on the upper level of Valley Mall
A Chance to Win Cash
Check-Out Center Court
Make sure to take a selfie and follow the instructions at the Giant Pumpkins to enter yourself for a gift card worth $250!
Will we see you there?

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