This weekend was one of my biggest scares in a while! Nothing worse than losing your phone at a night club. I was out on the dance floor dancing with a friend Friday night at the Out & About when my phone fell out of my pocket and was picked up by God knows who! Yes I have a lock on it but I fear someone has a way around pass locks. I've learned my lesson from this experience. Here's what I learned.

  • First thing's first, download the app 'Find My iPhone'. I did not have this app downloaded onto my iPhone so there was no way I could track my device. Every iPhone needs this app.
  • Set up your iCloud. If you don't have the 'Find My iPhone' app, you can still track it with your iCloud. (Wish I would have known this before).
  • Do not take your phone to the club. I've worked at nightclubs for years and years, and every night one or two people lose their cell phones. Alcohol and cell phones together are never a good idea.
  • Do not keep any kind of important information on your cell phone.
  • Do not keep any naughty pictures or videos on your cell phone, just in case they do break in to your phone.
  • Delete your messages. Most people don't do this, but due to past experiences, I delete every conversation on my phone once I'm done. There are messages that should be seen only by the person who you've sent it to.

Losing your phone always sucks but I'd much rather pay $70 for a replacement instead of dealing with the fear of some stranger running around with my personal stuff. 


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