Just about everyone has some experience with Pokémon, a gaming and media franchise from Nintendo featuring strange and cute "pocket monsters."

If you've never played one of the Pokémon games before, you probably know someone who has. Even then, if you feel like you've never encountered Pokémon, you've still probably seen them and not realized it. They're just that popular.

Have you ever tried making your own Pokémon?

From the earliest days of the franchise, fans have been making their own fake Pokémon - also known as "Fakemon." These are usually based on the same style and formula as the game design uses, combining local animals and cultural elements to represent a region.

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What if Washington was a Pokémon region?

If Washington was one of the settings of a Pokémon game, what would our creatures look like? I asked AI (artificial intelligence) to generate some fake Pokémon based on ten major Washington cities, and the results are remarkably fitting and funny all at once.

Check out the list of its best-generated "Fakemon" below. Note: the featured image at the top of this article features three rejects!

What's your favorite fake Washington Pokémon? Tell us by submitting feedback or tapping chat on the app!

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