If you are struggling to find gifts this year, this list will help you find something perfect. Now you will make some people cry tears of joy, some people jealous, and everybody happy.

  • (Amazon.com)

    Cards Against Humanity

    Almost every person has heard of this card game! Cards Against Humanity is a game similar to Apples to Apples, where you place a card to respond to another. Is NOT appropriate for children.

  • (Amazon.com)

    Face Bank

    This Piggy Bank will eat coins, which is apparently fun for kids. The mouth activates when your hand gets near, and it eats almost any standard coin.

  • (CafePress.com)

    Uranium Shirt

    If anyone you know asks you to get them Uranium for Christmas, you should probably decline. However, if you still want to get something for that person with a strange obsession, you can get them this Uranium T-Shirt!

  • (Walmart.com)

    Shrek The Whole Story Quadrilogy

    Sometimes, you just have to love Shrek. Sometimes, your life IS Shrek. This is true for everyone, so consider getting Shrek The Whole Story as a gift. It includes Shrek, Shrek 2, Shrek the Third, Shrek Forever After, and for the holiday season, Donkeys Christmas Shrektacular.

  • (jcpenney.com)

    Mad Scientist Wig

    You know that person who eats ice cream with french fries? Buy them this Mad Scientist Wig so that others may know that they are a person of superior intellect.

  • (bodybuilding.com)

    Whey Protein

    Protein is great for anyone trying to build muscles! By giving them support with pounds of whey protein powder, they will think of you as an ally. Make sure they remember this gift when they become too powerful, because it can happen.

  • (bestbuy.com)

    Google Mini Home

    In the modern day, technology is being more utilized all the time, especially at home. With a Google Mini Home, you give the recipient a personal assistant. By saying, "OK Google," you can find answers to your questions, help manage your day, and even control your smart home. This is a great gift, especially for anyone tech-savvy.

  • (ebay.com)

    Shock Clock Wake Up Trainer

    This Christmas, you can give someone a truly shocking surprise! With this device, the user can train themselves to be a morning person. They may change the alarm type to a vibration, a beep, an "electric biofeedback", or any combination of the three. It can be set at WATTever time someone chooses.

  • (privateislandsonline.com)

    Lataro Island

    Although most islands cost about $3 million, you ARE in the Christmas spirit. For the reasonable price of $12 million, you can buy Lataro Island. It is located in the South Pacific. 90% of the island is a conservation reserve and a last refuge for the endangered Coconut Crab, the world's largest terrestrial crab.

  • (webstaurantstore.com)

    Plastic Spoons

    Plastic spoons will make even the grumpiest Scrooge smile wide! With these bad boys, you won't have to wash dishes for a long time, depending on how many you buy. And they aren't only used for eating; you can use them to fling mashed potatoes, stir flavored mix into water, attempt to create peace with extraterrestrials, and more.

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