Did you know you can peek in on Washington's most "Christmassy" town anytime you want? It's true, thanks to several live webcams placed in strategic positions around downtown Leavenworth and the "Village of Lights."

Click on any of the YouTube videos below, any time of day, and you can spy on Leavenworth like a fly-on-the-wall (or elf-on-a-shelf, if you prefer).

Downtown Leavenworth 

Christmas lights, snow, and shoppers will make you wish you were there. But you are, kind of.

Festhalle in Leavenworth

Sooner or later, everyone finds themself at Festhalle. After all, there's a ton to see here during the holidays: gingerbread houses, holiday-themed photo ops, and Santa Claus himself.

Rein Haus in Leavenworth

Rein Haus is Front Street's largest biergarten, so you may observe some elves stumbling out of here after blowing off some steam. After all, toy-making is hard work.

Kris Kringl in Leavenworth

Kris Kringl is your shopping destination for all things Christmas, all the time. And look at what a stellar view of town they have! It's like one of those miniature holiday towns people display on their fireplace mantle, which they sell plenty of at Kris Kringl.

Try This

Yes, live cams are a novelty that can serve as a distraction for a couple of minutes. But leave one of these beautiful shots up in the background as you do other things, and I think you'll find it to be a comforting and relaxing experience. Cozy, even. And a nice departure from the noise of your regularly scheduled programs.

Experience this amazing real life bat cave in Leavenworth

Peek Inside This Real Life Bat Cave in Leavenworth, featuring an all-natural rock hot tub with a waterfall.

Leavenworth Airbnb

You can stay at Brucke Zum River Haus for $899 per night. Stay in total luxury.

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