Can you believe that October is almost over!? Where has the time gone? Thanksgiving is lurking right around the corner, but before we let it take over, let's celebrate the haunting season with one final and fantastic weekend out at the Legends Casino Hotel, Scaregrounds. Here's everything you need to know.


  • The Scaregrounds are open starting at 7pm. The box office opens nightly at 6:45. The Scaregrounds closes at 10pm on Thursday and Halloween night, and closes at 11pm on Friday and Saturday.
  • Box office closes at 9:45 Thursday and Halloween night, and 10:45 Friday and Saturday. If the lines get too insane, the box office may close earlier, so keep that in mind when planning your evening.
  • Kid's Day is Oct 27th! Come for a kid-friendly walk through the haunt 1-4pm.



  • Infected: There is one HUGE haunt this year: Infected. It's 7200 feet of scares, and it's $15. If you want get to the Fast Pass shorter (possibly no wait) line, you can buy the $30 VIP ticket. These are limited to 100 per night, so snag em early. Tickets this year for the haunt are AT THE BOX OFFICE ONLY. There are NO ONLINE SALES for Infected.
  • Outbreak Zombie Paintball: You can shoot at zombies from a battle wagon as it moves through zombie infested areas. Tickets can be purchased at the Scaregrounds, or online. Click here for prices and more information. This does NOT include entrance to Infected, that is a separate ticket.
  • Gaslight Zombie Lounge and Booze Garden: If  you're 21 and over you can get some drinks in the Zombie Lounge. You MUST have your ID on you. You can chill in the lounge and get adult beverages poured by the Pasco Eagles.
  • Movies at the Scaregrounds: there is an outdoor mimi-theater that will be playing spooky movies all night. Stop and sit and watch for a while. This is free.
  • Arcade: there's an arcade. Bring your cash for the change machine in the arcade to get your video game on!
  • FOOD: Yes, there is food, and beverages! Yes, most of the vendors take cards. Yes, there is an ATM in case you need to get cash.
  • Walk-up laser tag: Walk up. Pay. Laser tag. YEAH!
  • Selfie stations: there are several cool places to take photos with your crew, and our monsters. Look for all of them placed throughout the grounds. Can you find them all?
  • Mini-Haunt: There's a

Kid's Day

  • The final Kid's Day will be on Saturday the 27th. It's from 1-4pm and kids will be able to talk through the haunt in the daylight and all the REALLY creepy stuff will be covered, and no one will jump out at you as you and the kids go through. There will be CANDY they can get, and costumes are highly recommended! Tickets are $5 for kids AND adults for the Infected haunt. Get tickets at the box office the day of.  Outbreak Zombie paintball will be running too, for a separate charge.

What to Wear

  • It's cold, and you're outside. Plan accordingly. Jackets are a good idea. Closed toe shoes also a good idea. In Infected, you'll be running from zombies, ducking, staggering, and you really just need to be prepared to move! Sandals and flip flips will just slow you down. Trust me on this!

Wait Times

  • Odd are you will encounter a wait. It's a major haunted attraction on Halloween weekend. There will be waits, possibly LONG waits. For a shorter wait, you can go on Thursday night (usually slower than the weekends), or buy a VIP ticket for $30 to go to the Fast Pass line which skips the main line and will have little or no wait time. WOO! But keep in mind when you get that babysitter, you will need to plan to be gone for a few hours to get the full Scaregrounds experience!

Everything Else

  • Plan to be out there the whole night. This is an event to be savored and enjoyed. There is so much to do, make sure you don't miss anything. You will have to wait for some things (as stated above), but there is more than just the haunt to go through. Make the whole night filled with awesome haunted fun!
  • Did you know you can enjoy a lot of Scaregrounds without paying admission!? You can hang at the Zombie lounge, watch movies, get food/drinks, do the selfie stations, and go to the arcade all without paying admission! So come on down and hang!
  • The actors cannot touch you. Please be respectful of the actors and props and don't touch them either. Also, use your manners. Cussing at the actors will not make the experience any more fun for you, and certainly not for them. Everyone is out to have a good time, and having manners makes it fun for everyone.
  • If you're too drunk or otherwise intoxicated, and/or causing problems with employees (regardless of if you're sober or not), vendors, or other customers, you will be removed. NO REFUNDS. Go to have fun, not to be a troublemaker. LOL!
  • Please take kids through who are age appropriate. Take your little ones to Kid's Day and leave them home for the night haunt. Now, of course it's up to you, but choose wisely as their are no refunds. Kids can go through with parents at any age, but we recommend at least age 10-11. Kids must be 13 to go on their own through the haunt, so no dropping off the 8-year-old to roll through alone. Haha!

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