A student at Chiawana High School in Pasco might face charges after pulling out a gun off campus on another student that followed him after an argument in the school parking lot.

The fight started while everyone was just let out from school and students were being picked up in the parking lot. The lot was full of both student and cars trying to leave.

In the commotion, one student driving a Grand Am, and others in a truck started arguing about one cutting the other off. The student in the Gand Am left campus but the driver of the truck followed through multiple turns before both stopping on the corner of Broadmoor/Road 100 and St Thomas Drive, just south of I-182, according to police reports.

Both got out of their cars but the student being followed in the Grand Am had a gun in his hand pointed down against his leg. The other student called 911 and reported the gun and the student in the Grand Am drove away.

Police quickly found the driver in the Grand Am, pulled him over, and put him in handcuffs while they investigated.

No one was arrested at the scene but the case is under investigation for pending charges.

Police informed the school district that the student DID NOT have the gun on campus, according to reports.

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18-57772 Weapons
LOTS OF OFFICERS made it on Friday to the corner of Broadmoor/Road 100 and St Thomas Drive, just south of I-182 at mid-afternoon, about 2:50 PM. It must have looked like they were arresting a serial killer. In the end, there were no arrests. This was actually an argument over parking lot driving while picking up kids from school. It was another example of how first responders can arrive before accurate information does.

Make no mistake, there were some chest-puffing jerks involved. But the original report to 911 was that a male just pointed a pistol at another male, then left a business parking lot on St Thomas Drive in a white Grand Am. A FCSO deputy was nearby and located the Grand Am, occupied by several people, turning out onto Road 100. Pasco officers arrived to assist. It became a high-risk stop since there was a gun involved, which slows things down. Traffic that wanted to drive north past the area ended up getting diverted east on Chapel Hill Blvd.

What was it all about? The drivers of the Grand Am and a pickup were in the Chiawana High School lot, with a lot of other vehicles, trying to pick up students and leave. The two drivers and the teen student in the Grand Am proceeded to get into a verbal argument about cutting each other off, and the pickup began following the Grand Am through several turns in different directions, which led to both vehicles stopping on St Thomas Drive and the drivers having a face-to-face argument. The student from the Grand Am allegedly got a pistol out of the car, exited, and held it pointed down against his leg. The student from the pickup called 911. The argument broke up. The Grand Am left, didn’t get far, and was stopped by police.

The case has been written up and will be reviewed for potential charges. No-one was arrested, although some people were temporarily detained in cuffs. Anyone with additional info about the case is urged to contact Officer Justin Greenhalgh at greenhalghj@pasco-wa.gov or call Dispatch at (509)628-0333 about case PP18-57772 Weapons.

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