Imagine this: it's Friday. Everyone is dragging their sad but anxious booties in to the office in the morning to get one more day of work done before the weekend. You show up, with two dozen donuts from Krispy Kreme and are the office hero for the day! They lift you up on their shoulders and carry you around the office cheering! And you only spent $1 for that second dozen!!!!

Okay, so they probably won't lift you up or anything, but yes you get a dozen donuts from Krispy Kreme this Friday (July 27, 2018) for $1! The catch is, you have to buy one dozen to get the second dozen for $1, but whatever, that's a smokin' deal! Krispy Kreme is doing this as a part of their 81st birthday celebration! I'm thinking we're going to have Build-a-Bear level lines this Friday! So if you are planning to get some, give yourself plenty of room to get them and still get to work on time! Happy birthday Krispy Kreme! Thanks for the treats!

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