There are milestones and goals we set for ourselves in life. There are things we want to achieve and work hard to do them. But there are some things will most likely happen in most people's lives. And that's because most of us will never get to the status level of Beyoncé and Jay Z. Calling them a power-couple doesn't even capture it. They are royalty-level stratospheric aliens from planet "Everything we touch is gold and everything we do it magic." So it's no wonder that doing even the simplest of things gets them love and support.

The two were spotted leaving a restaurant in Europe, I'm assuming Italy since I think the people are speaking Italian. They were literally just walking out of the restaurant going to their car, and they got a STANDING OVATION. I mean, they didn't even perform or anything. They just walked out of a restaurant, a thing normal people do all the time. But because they are Beyoncé and Jay Z people stop what they're doing, stand, and clap! And of course, some get their camera out to capture the mysterious beings (for real, I totally would have).

So, with no further ado, here's the video. Man, they really are GOALS!

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