I started my day like any other day: woke up, hit snooze 40 times, cuddled the dog, then grabbed my phone to check in to the world. I went to see what was up on Facebook and my phone made me re-log in. Hmm... that's weird. My messenger too. Hmm... I was confused, but thought maybe my phone did an update or something. Then when I got to work I had to re-log in on my computer there too and that freaked me out, so I did a little research.

Come to find out that Facebook had a security breach. Or, rather they found out a way that someone could breach their security measures.

Facebook has said “almost 50 million” of its users were left exposed by a security flaw. The company said attackers were able to exploit a vulnerability in a feature known as “View As” to gain control of people's accounts. The breach was discovered on Tuesday, Facebook said, and it has informed police. Users that had potentially been affected were prompted to re-log-in on Friday. The flaw has been fixed, wrote the firm’s head of security, Guy Rosen. - BBC

A-HA!! So that's what was up! So, if you had to log back in to Facebook today, you may have been potentially exposed to the security flaw. The good news is that they caught it, and personal information may not have gotten out. However, they are not 100% sure yet. So I suggest changing your password just to be safe. I've literally changed all my passwords today. Better safe than sorry I guess! Happy Facebooking! :)

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