Wanna win an easy $25 from Hapo Community Credit Union on your drive home with Aj at 5 O'clock?

All you need to do is download our new app and then listen during the 5pm hour weekdays to win. First you can download our new app in your app store, just search "hot 975 Tricities", or go to this link. Once you get the app, follow these instructions.

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    Go to settings

    Make sure you go to settings and make sure you turn on notifications for "Exclusives".

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    Check Alerts at 4:30 pm Weekdays

    Then around 4:30 pm on weekdays, check your alerts by clicking "Alert" on the front page or from the menu.

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    Get Your 'Stash of Cash' Alert

    Your alert will have all the information you need to win the $25. It will give you something to listen for on the radio. It could be a song, a phrase, or a word so be prepared.

    When you hear it, instantly call 544-9750, be caller 9 and you win $25 thanks to Hapo Community Credit Union!

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