Not everyone is a fan of the man-bun. I will let you know right off that I LOVE them. But that doesn't matter. Whether you like them or not, are they grounds for firing someone? A man, Sid Ouared, was training for a customer service role for two weeks with British Airlines before he was let go according to The Sun. Ouared said he was told his hairstyle was against the dress code on the very last day of training. He saying that is why his supervisors fired him.

British Airlines hasn't made a statement yet, but he's been on TV in the UK talking about the issue. I looked up the dress code, and having a man-bun actually doesn't seem to be against the rules. His hair was off the collar, and not in a ponytail. In any case, it got me thinking that IF he was fired for his hair, do you think that's okay, or not okay? Take the poll, and if you like, check out his interview below.

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