I remember it as if it was only a week ago. I was on the verge, I thought, of winning the $660 Million Dollar Mega Millions Jackpot. Come to think of it, it was a week ago.

Then, this past Tuesday, with the Jackpot jacked up to $830 Million, everyone it seemed was buying a ticket. Guess what? Nobody won. Now, the jackpot has launched into the realm of unreal.

Friday's Mega Millions Drawing Will be Worth an Estimated $1.1 Billion Dollars!

A few years ago, there was a Mega Millions jackpot that got up to $1.5 billion dollars. That was the largest ever and this current jackpot is expected to get close. The one-time payout amount is still pretty impressive and definitely life-changing at $648.2 Mil. If you want to subtract your immediate 24% to federal taxes, you're still going to be the richest kid on the block with a lump sum of $492,632,000. That's almost half a billion in cash. Let that sink in.

Odds of winning? Who cares!? They're very steep odds but it's just plain inexpensive fun to purchase a ticket. Now, if you're blowing your paycheck on tickets because you just know your lucky numbers are going to come through for you this time, take a breath. Get all the Mega Millions details HERE. Better still, if you truly are planning something like that, I'd suggest you instead visit gamblers anonymous.

Mega Millions Drawing at 8 pm Pacific Time Friday, July 29th.

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