Are you like me and suffer from chronic pain? I have done just about everything trying to find relief to no avail! Well I have discovered something new that has just arrived in the Tri-Cities and I have already taken it for a spin! It is called PEMF and comes highly recommended by Dr. Oz! I would love to sit here and tell you exactly how it works scientifically but I truly have no clue!

What I can tell you though is how after just an hour and half of therapy (which is basically laying back and relaxing) I had ZERO knee pain and I felt very relaxed and somehow lighter! I plan to schedule more sessions and see exactly how I can benefit from this new technology and have high hopes that I will be pain free one day soon!

I will do an update as I have more sessions! If you would like to try it out there are two locations in the Tri-Cities! You can schedule an appointment by calling Diane Messana at (425) 238-4062 or contact her at Sage Wellness in Kennewick.


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