The areas first virtual reality arcade called "Portal" just opened up in Ballard near Seattle and is drawing lots of curious people. You can pay to use one of their VR Booths from an hour to only 15 minutes for a fee. If you don't want to actually play with VR and feel more comfortable watching, they have lounge areas where you can watch what other people are experiencing on TV screens.

The prices are kind of expensive but you can split your time with a friend if you want to make it more affordable. VR booths are available in 60, 30, and 15 minute blocks. Play by yourself or split your time with others.

Pricing per booth:
$29.95 - 1 person for 1 hour
$39.95 - 2 or more persons split 1 hour
$19.95 - 1 person for 30 minutes
$24.95 - 2 or more persons split 30 minutes
$12.95 - 1 or more persons split 15 minutes

VR booths are not seated, but a full room where you walk around and participate in a full 360 degree experience. On their website Portal says "HTC Vive systems driven by powerful computers with superior graphics capability that provide the state of the art in VR.  Booths are padded for your comfort and safety and include a coat hook and storage bin for your belongings".

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