Sure, prank calls can be fun. But a prank 911 call is NEVER a good idea! It seems like this should be common sense, but most cities still see a lot of fake 911 calls. Sometimes a call can be a mistake, but Pasco wants to make the punishment for deliberate fake 911 calls to be stronger. The reason? As many as 50 fake calls have been received in Pasco in the last year, and each time those calls are taking emergency responders away from ACTUAL emergencies. As of right now there's not much that can be done to prosecute those who call in these fake calls because the wording of the ordinance is vague. The city wants to change the ordinance wording so that the court can deal with people who make these fake calls.

The city meeting last night, but no word yet as to if the ordinance will change. Whether it does or not, let's NOT call 911 unless it's an actual emergency!

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