A Spokane Valley pool is really "going to the dogs" this Sunday 8/28 for the annual Paws in the Pool event.

If your four-legged Fido socializes well with other pups, they are invited to take a dip and make some new furry friends. Just follow the smell of wet dog hair to the Spokane Valley Mission Pool.

However, if your dog likes to bully other dogs and kick sand in their faces, the pool kindly asks you to leave them at home. This pool party is only for good doggies. Very good doggies. Who's a good doggie? You're a good doggie, aren't you? Oh, yes you are a good doggie.

Registration for Sunday's event is open now at Dog Swim - Spokane Valley, WA.

How Much Does Paws in the Pool Cost?

  • Cost is $5.00 per dog.

How Many Dogs Can I Bring?

  • Limit of 2 dogs per owner.

Is There an Age Requirement for My Dog?

  • Dogs must be 6 months or older.

Are There Any Other Requirements for my Dog?

  • Dogs must bring their vaccination records, showing they are up-to-date.
  • Dogs must be spayed or neutered - this isn't Puppy Love Island.
  • Dogs must wear flip flops and sensible swimwear - just kidding.

Swim Times

  • 10am to 11am is reserved for dogs 65 lbs and under.
  • 11:15am to 12:15 pm is reserved for dogs 65 lbs and over.
  • 12:30pm to 1:30pm is topless and for mature canine's only. Again, kidding. By 12:30pm, all pups will have toweled off and be on a car ride home, head poking out the window, bringing smiles to other drivers.

Again, registration for Sunday's Paws in the Pool event is open now at Dog Swim - Spokane Valley, WA.

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