A woman pizza delivery driver in Spokane was attacked by two men trying to rob her as she sat in her car calling work after a delivery.

The attack happened Saturday after 6 p.m. when Cali Shisler delivered a pizza to the Indian Trail neighborhood, according to news reports. She was sitting in her car calling work to let them know she was on her way back when her door was torn open and two men attacked while trying to rob her.

"They had pulled my face back and started hitting my face as they reached over and tried to get my money bag,” Shisler described the attack.

While she was defending herself, she noticed the car was in gear and drove away.

Shisler didn't get a good look at the men that attacked her but described them as maybe in their 20's.

Luckily she escaped with a black eye, a minor concussion, fractured eye socket, and scratches all over her face, but she is alive.

Normally victims are not named in stories, but Shisler wanted to tell her story so others can be aware and stay safe.

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