Police are trying to identify a thief from EZ Fix Phone Repair on Clark Street in Pasco that broke a bunch of windows and stole phone screen protectors.

The pictures of the thief in action don't show his face so police are calling him "Blurryface". The thief does have a backpack that is shown visibly and has unique features.

Police hope someone will recognize "Blurryface's" backpack so they can crack the case.

"Blurryface" allegedly broke the windows out of the front of the business but only stole phone screen protectors.

If you can identify "Blurryface" or his backpack, contact the Pasco police for case #18-57723.

Original Post:

My name is Blurryface and I... don't care that this stuff does not belong to me. Burglary is wrong, mmmmkay! Early Saturday morning officers responded to a burglary alarm at EZ Fix Phone Repair on W Clark St and found that the glass on the front door had been smashed as well as a display case inside the store. Fortunately, the display case only contained screen protectors so the felony committed by Blurryface one and two was so not worth it. Unless there is a black market for screen protectors then I guess they hit it big! #PoundSignJukon attempted a track but the suspects were not located. Since the face is so blurry, take a look at the backpack which is pretty distinct. If these guys seem familiar to you, please call reference PPD case #18-57723.

#TwentyOnePilots #Blurryfacestrikesagain

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