Portland is the number one city in the nation to be a vegetarian, a new study from Wallet Hub reveals. Somewhat surprisingly, Seattle takes the number six spot on the list. I thought it would be higher. But that's still in the top ten, and another thing the Northwest can boast about. We gave you:

  • Personal computers with a friendly OS (Windows)
  • A music revolution (Grunge)
  • Free two-day delivery to your door (Amazon Prime)
  • Weirdness - and the ability to keep it that way (Portland)

And now we give you decent meatless meals in public places!

Finding a Restaurant Isn't Easy for Vegetarians in Most Cities

I'm not vegetarian or vegan, but I know from friends that locating a restaurant with those options on the menu is akin to me getting a decent non-alcoholic beer in a bar. It's like finding a Unicorn. Actually, finding a Unicorn would be easier. Unless you're in Portland.

How Many Vegan Restaurants are There in Portland?

Portland has more than fifty restaurants that are entirely vegan. And many more "mass appeal" diners and dive bars try to have an inclusive menu in the Rose City. This includes the world famous Voodoo Doughnut, which offer plant-based doughnut options. Who knew? Vegans and vegetarians knew. Word spreads fast when you're in the club.

Other Portland Vegan Highlights

Portland ranks number four in Farmers Markets and Community Supported Agriculture programs.

The city also ranks number five in Vegetable Nurseries per capita.

Is There Anything Portland Gets Wrong?

As you can see in the screenshot below, Portland is - as advertised - a very friendly city for vegans and vegetarians. But it comes with a high price-tag when it comes to groceries.


How Many Vegan Restaurants are There in Seattle?

There are thirty-six restaurants in Seattle and the surrounding areas dedicated to vegans.

What Other Cities Embrace Vegans?

Wallet Hub has put together a handy map (below) to answer that very question. And of course, you can look at their entire list, here.

Source: WalletHub
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