Thanks to one of 48 states participating in the Powerball failing to process their sales and play data in time for the Monday, November 7 drawing, social media erupted into a flurry of hilarious memes and eye-brow-raising conspiracy theories. 

After delaying the draw, the winning numbers for the $2.04 billion jackpot were finally announced just after 7 a.m. MT on Tuesday morning. The winning numbers were: 


According to the California Lottery, the single-jackpot winning ticket was sold in their state at Joe’s Service Center in Altadena. Shortly after the winning numbers were announced, the owners of the store were awarded $1 million for selling the winning ticket.

$1 Million Dollar Winners in Oregon and Washington

While the drawing only produced one billionaire, someone in Florida matched all the numbers EXCEPT for the Powerball. They took the Power Play option and won $2 million. 

According to the Powerball’s official website, 22 “Match 5” winners without the Power Play option were sold in 16 different states, including Idaho’s neighbors Washington and Oregon. The Oregon lottery acknowledged that their state is home to a new millionaire, but hasn’t revealed which retailer sold the ticket or in which county it was sold. 

Washington hasn’t acknowledged their winner on social media or under the press release section of their website, so we’re not sure where in their state the $1 million ticket was sold, either. 

So, if you live anywhere near the Idaho-Oregon or Idaho-Washington state line and were in one of these states when you bought your Powerball ticket…there’s still a chance that you could be a millionaire! 

$100,000 Winning Ticket Sold in Idaho

Closer to home, someone just one enough money to help pay off their debt, use for a downpayment on a new home or squirrel away for their child’s college fund!

In a follow-up tweet their tweet announcing the winning numbers, the Idaho Lottery revealed that 40,259 winning tickets were sold in Idaho…including ANOTHER ticket worth $100,000! 

We don't know where the ticket was sold. We just know that we weren't the ones who won the $100,000. It's cool to be in the winner's circle with 40,258 of our closest friends even if we only won $8.

Idaho also had two $100,000 winners in the Wednesday, November 2 Powerball drawing. 

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