The Seattle Seahawks reportedly told defensive star Richard Sherman that they would cut him on Friday, which is today.

No official word yet from either the team or Richard Sherman, but it is expected soon, according to ESPN reports.

This is not a big surprise to anyone following the story this week. It was widely reported the Seahawks were searching for a trade for Sherman. However a trade is unlikely to happen with Sherman because he is recovering from 2 different surgeries on his Achilles tendons.

Honestly, this would be the best scenario for Sherman because he would not have to wait til the start of free agency on March 14 to find a new team.

This is however a very sad say for Seahawks fans that are loosing one of the most iconic players to ever play for the team.

By releasing Sherman, the Seahawks save between $11 and $10 million in much needed cap space for 2018.

There is a possibility that Sherman might not get any great offers and sign back with Seattle in June or July for less money.

We will update when there is an official word on Sherman and his future.

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