A man from Kennewick named William J. Barrett has admitted to looking for some "family fun" when he tried to contact two underage girls mother in an online ad.

Probably the most shocking part was that had planed to have sex with them while their mother watched, according to reports.

After contacting what he thought were victims by email, William J. Barrett showed up at the apartment with meth and a pipe expecting his "family fun". Instead he was arrested by "Net Nanny Operation" agents.

In messages before showing up, the agent posing as the mother repeatedly said she would not have sex with him, just the kids. When he was arrested he claimed he was there for the mother and that he would have called the police if he saw kids there.

Barrett now faces almost seven years in prison for his guilty plea to attempted first-degree child rape and attempted distribution of meth to a person under 18. He had a third count of attempted second-degree child rape dropped as part of his plea deal.

Barrett was one of 26 men arrested last summer in a 5 day sting "Net Nanny Operation".

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