Hey, this is Raleigh. As a part of being a radio DJ these days we also need to create articles/blogs/polls and other fun for our website. I love doing reviews of local restaurants and bars, creating fun polls for you, and/or funny local news stories. I was coming up with some ideas today, which sparked me to think, "Why don't I just ask them what they want to see?" How silly is it that I've never asked before! Sure, you probably, want music news, local stories, and/or learning about a new place to go, but maybe you want something else.

So I've created a poll (lol, I love these), to ask you what kind of stories you'd like to see. Personal blogs, sports, music, local, hard news, play reviews? What do you want to see or see more of? Take the poll and help your girl out! I love to entertain and share with you so let me know what you want! And thanks for being awesome! My job is amazing because of you.

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