A man from Kennewick was killed in an accident on Webber Canyon Road early Sunday morning after loosing control and hitting a large stone retaining wall.

The driver, 41 year old Paul S. Samson, was found in his Subaru around 6:20 in the morning by someone driving through the area that spotted the crash.

Samson was already deceased when the passerby found the crash and reported it to police, according to reports.

Police officials say they think the crash happened sometime late the night before but had no reports of anything wrong until the morning.

Investigators say that Samson was driving south when he lost control and drove into the ditch. The car kept driving along the ditch until he crashed into the brick retaining wall just ahead.

Samson died from the crash according to police and he was also alone in the car.

The accident happened 1/4 mile south of the intersection with Badger Road & Webber Canyon Road.

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