My name is very common. So common that my locker partner in Jr. High had the same last name. And first. Thankfully he went by his nickname.

We got a kick out of our shared name. It was more of a novelty than nuisance. And it really didn't cause the confusion you might expect, until I got a poor grade on my report card... For a class I didn't take.

Clearing that up with the school was like living the classic Abbott and Costello comedy routine, "Who's on First?"

Me: You gave me a bad grade in Spanish.

Them: You'll have to retake it and do better.

Me: But I never went to that class.

Them: That's why you received a bad grade.

Me: No, I mean I never signed up for that class. You gave me someone else's grade.

Them: Let's see... This says Dan Roberts.

Me: Right.

Them: And what's your name?

Me: Dan Roberts.

Them: (blank stare)

Me: But I'm not that Dan Roberts, I'm a different Dan Roberts.

You get the idea.


Wait, There's How Many More of Me?

When the internet came into our lives I saw how truly common my name really was.

Maybe that wouldn't bother some people, but in media, it seemed like I was being shortchanged somehow. How do I build my brand when there are other Dan Roberts's building their brand in the same profession? That is why, going forward, I wish to be know as Wolfgang Edward "Dan Halen" Roberts. It's a mouthful, but there's only one other guy on the planet with a name that's even close.

Now that you know all about how common my last name is, let's see if yours is unique or not.

What are the Most Popular Last Names in Washington?

According to, the 3 most popular last names in Washington are:

  1. Smith
  2. Johnson
  3. Anderson

These last names are also the most popular in Idaho and Montana. Those Smith, Johnson, and Anderson boys kept themselves busy.

Anderson dropped off the list in Oregon, apparently out-of-steam. So the Miller clan picked up the slack. This happens again in Wyoming. It seems the Miller boys were also getting competitive.

What Other Last Names are Popular in Washington?

Below are 25 last names that says are the next most common in Washington State.

  • Brown
  • Miller (hi, again)
  • Williams (we'll see you later)
  • Jones
  • Davis
  • Nelson
  • Lee
  • Thompson
  • Peterson
  • Taylor
  • Martin
  • Clark
  • Nguyen
  • Thomas
  • White
  • Olson
  • Harris
  • Allen
  • Baker
  • Walker
  • Lewis
  • Hall
  • Garcia
  • Young
  • Scott

Disclaimer: Smith didn't make Forebears list, so make of that what you will. 

What are the Most Popular Last Names in the USA?

As it turns out, Smith and Johnson are the two most common last names in the United States of America. This is according to World Atlas. Rounding out the top 3 is the surname "Williams."

Now You Know the Most Popular Last Names in Washington

Does it make you feel less special? Less alone? Or maybe just, "meh"?

What's in a name, anyway? It's what you do with your life that counts. Who you are isn't dependent on your last name. It's your actions, how you behave... What you stand for.

Incidentally, there are just over 11,000 people in Washington with the last name Roberts. And though they never call or write me, I'd like to take this opportunity to give them a shout-out. "Hey there, Roberts's!"

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Forebears, a genealogy website that organizes a library of names from around the world geographically, used records from 2014 to determine the most common names in Boise. These were the ones that showed up the most!

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