We all love our dogs, it doesn't matter what breed they are, we just love them for who they are. At the end of a long day, their little personalities bring us a smile when they greet us at the door.

However, you may have adopted a popular dog breed and not even know it. We got curious about what dog breeds were the most popular in all of Washington, so we did some research and found what was absolutely adorable. Check out the list below!

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5.) Poodles

Poodles found their popularity back when they were water dogs, used for hunting ducks and other birds. Since then they've kept their popularity due to being service animals and well behaved, it also doesn't hurt that they don't shed like normal dogs, almost not at all.

4.) Golden Retriever

Also originally used as hunting dogs in Scotland, today retrievers are known for being one of the most loving dogs around, they enjoy the outdoors, and they're very flexible whether they're safe at home or out on an adventure going camping with the family. They're well adjusted and extremely loved by their owners.

3.) German Shepherd

Known as one of the more protective dog breeds, German Shepards are large dogs but extremely sweet towards their owners and those they consider in their pack. They can also be extremely friendly with others as long as their trusted master is around. These dogs are easily trained and used for many purposes whether it is hunting, protection, or just a family pet.

2.) French Bulldogs

French Bull Dogs are highly energetic and extremely sweet companions, their smaller size makes it easy for them to travel, and gives extra love right from the owner's lap. They're extremely loyal dogs and can be very well-behaved which makes sense why this would be the second most popular breed.

1.) Labrador retrievers

This was a challenging one as Retrievers, in general, took the top spot including chocolate labs, black labs, and other Labrador mixes. So we gave it the number one spot which it rightfully earned.

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