When we joined Facebook, it wasn't a big deal. We threw up status updates, made a few friends, posted a pic or two. But now let's face it, Facebook has a LOT of information about us floating around in there servers. Yes, they say that data is secure, but a lot of people are raising a LOT of questions about the amount of data and how secure it really is. For most of us, data is photos and chats in messenger, which isn't that big of a deal. But for some, there are phone numbers, email addresses, and more.

Facebook has made it clear that we can see everything they see, and it's really easy. To see all your Facebook data, you just need to go to your settings (you have to do this on the desktop format of the site), and on general settings there is some blue text to click to download your data. If you've been a Facebook member this will take some time to download, but boom there it is!

facebook download

It's actually really cool to see some of the data: old conversations, videos you forgot about, and I even looked up who was very first Facebook friend (I see you Stacey Lynn). So if you're interested in what Facebook has of yours, check it out!

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