Yikes! What would YOU do if you found a snake in YOUR house?

My friend found a LARGE snake in her house. Not any ordinary snake. It was the snake in the photo. I'm told she let out an unbelievable scream. I would have, too. This thing was crazy long.

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What kind of snake is it?

It's a bull snake. A very long bull snake.

Where was it found?

It was found in the laundry room of the home. That's where my friend, "Colleen" went to do her laundry. Upon investigation, the homeowner discovered a hole behind a shelf, where it's believed to have slithered in for warmth. No one knows how long the snake was there.

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I had so many questions. I'm told that one of the homeowners used a pole to push the snake into a box.

What happened to the snake? What did you do with it? How long was it?

Inquiring minds want to know. They released it into the woods behind the home. (What if it returns?)  According to the cabinet size, they figured the length of the snake was somewhere about 7'2". Yes. That's right, 7 feet 2 inches long.

The snake did not bite, but they can. A bull snake is non-venomous. You can learn more about bull snakes here.

Don't worry. The snake wasn't found anywhere close to Washington.

This snake was found at my friend's home in South Dakota. Bull snakes are typically found in the Great Plains and the Midwestern United States.

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