You can find a good slice of pizza anywhere, Dominos, Little Caesars, even Pizza Hut. But we're looking for the best local pizza joints in all of the Yakima Valley. So we enlisted some of you to tell us your favorite pizza spots and we listened.

We put together the top 5 favorite pizza joints in all of the Yakima Valley. If you think your favorite spot should have made the list or you think one should be higher up make sure to tap the app and let us know so we can make some changes!

5.) Valley Italian Pizza and Pasta

Whether you're looking for a tasty pizza or the entire works of Italian food this is the spot for you. Coming in at number 5 I can agree that Valley Italian Pizza and Pasta is a top-tier spot in the Yakima Valley for any Pizza lover

4.) Wild-Fired Pizza

Delicious wood-fired pizza, cold brews, and a friendly atmosphere, what more could you want? This place is also a local pizza spot that the community loves. You can dine in or order delivery, either way, your tastebuds are gonna be very happy with you.

3.) Hop Town Wood Fired Pizza

Not only is this wood-fired pizza local but they support local farmers in the Valley using only local fresh ingredients. Every bite graces your tongue with smokey goodness that's hard to find anywhere else.

2.) Abby's Legendary Pizza

Abby's has become a staple in the Yakima Valley, with a plethora of options for pizza toppings and they specialize in both deep dish and thin crust. They also make sandwiches if you're looking to try something a little different. Either way anything on their menu you decide to try hits the spot!

1.) Gus's Pizza at Sports Center 

Without a doubt this belongs at number one, Gus's Pizza located at Sports Center is some of the best pizza you can find in the Valley. Everything is made fresh with delicious toppings, gooey cheese, delicious sauce, and yes hand-tossed crust that'll leave you full but somehow wanting more.

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