Werewolves, witches, reanimated corpses... You'll have to do better than that to scare off families who've been looking forward to trick-or-treating for weeks.

The only thing a parent guiding their child through the neighborhood fears is... Bad weather. Like, really bad. Monstrously bad.

Because a little sprinkle from the sky? That won't bother your precious little sugar-fiends at all, so mom and dad will have to suck it up.

But a full-blown thunderstorm, with lightning and pouring rain? The Mr. & Mrs. didn't sign up for that, especially if they left the car at home.

Thunder and lightning are staples in horror movies - it really sets the mood, y'know?  Just the spectacle of it could have your kids begging to go home. And nobody wants that.

But it's possible, right? After all, our Fall weather has turned from unseasonably warm to chilly with a chance of thunder showers.

We're only a week away from All Hallow's Eve and mother nature is delivering some of her greatest hits, like snow in the Cascades.

Wait... Will it snow in the Tri-Cities on Halloween? 

That depends. Do you know how to cast a snow spell?

Because if the doppler radar and the wizard's crystal ball are correct, the chances of it raining on your ghosts and goblins - or more likely superheroes and princesses - is slim to nil.

A 19% chance of rain in the evening = no threat to candy gathering at all.

10 mph winds? Costume accessories will stay put.

42 degrees out? Figure out how to work a warm coat into your costume.

And happy trick-or-treating.

Disclaimer: Weather is subject to change, so cross your fingers, make a wish, or tough it out.

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