Two more people died of the flu in Tri-Cities adding to the total of 16 so far in one of the deadliest flu seasons in memory.

Both new deaths were men that had high risks like age or certain health conditions and neither had received a flu shot.

This brings the total deaths in the Tri-Cities this flu season to 16. The flu has been bad all over with 189 people that have died since mid February in Washington State, according to reports.

The past deadliest year for flu deaths in recent memory was in 2015 were 6 people died. There were considerable less deaths around 2015 with only 1 or 2 deaths in the three years before and 2 years after.

Officials are expecting the flu season to start slowing but still want people not to let their guard down.

Getting a flu shot will still help protect you even though it is still late in the season. Also, getting the flu shot doesn't stop you from getting sick, but it can help you survive it.

To help you can also regularly wash your hands and avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth. If you are sick, stay home to help keep from spreading the flu to others.

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