In case you weren't aware, yesterday was April 20th, which is known by some as 4-20: the magical 'holiday' that celebrates marijuana! There's no official way to celebrate the day other than, well, smoking pot. And with recreational marijuana stores being legal in several states (our lovely state of Washington included) the day is bringing a lot of green to cities and counties across the state (and not just the kind you can smoke).

Green 2 Go in Finley in the 9 months they've been open have generated $2.2 million in state excise tax and over $500,000 in local sales tax! That's some serious green! No word on how much they made yesterday yet, but the lines were long off and on throughout the day. So there's not doubt the little shop brought in a bunch of cash for our fine area! No worries if you didn't get there for 4-20, they're open all year long!

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