If you like to be surprised by what you hear at concerts, stop reading this right now. But if you've just gotta' know what Halsey's Love and Power Tour has in store for you on Thursday, June 16th at White River Amphitheater, or Saturday June 18th in Portland, read on...

What Hit Songs Does Halsey Perform on Love and Power Tour?

  • Without Me was a number one single for Halsey, so of course she's going to sing it for you.
  • Bad at Love went to number five on the Billboard Hot 100, so yes, it's a keeper.
  • You Should Be Sad makes an early appearance on the set-list.
  • Nightmare - hells-to-the-yeah, she's bringing this top-15 hit to Auburn and Portland!

Will Halsey Perform Any of Her Collaborations with Other Artists?

  • Be Kind is the rare collab that Halsey will perform this round, although it is doubtful that Marshmello will make an appearance (in person, at least).
  • Die for Me is a Post Mallone song featuring Halsey, and Future, but it's included as it sets the tone for the songs that follow.

What Other Songs Will Halsey Perform on Her Love and Power Tour?

  • Graveyard peaked at number 35 on the Billboard Hot 100, but it's a fan-favorite and likely works thematically in the grand scheme of Halsey's high-concept stage show, which is divided into three acts, plus an epilogue.
  • I am Not a Woman, I'm a God peaked at number 60 on the charts, making it no-one's idea of a hit, but thematically, it may be the lynchpin of the Love and Power Tour.

Is That It?

No, there are lots more songs Halsey performs on the Love and Power Tour, those are just the highest charting. For the full (expected) set-list, check out one of these recent gigs.

Head Turning Looks We Absolutely Love On Halsey

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