Athletes and fans are a superstitious lot. But, you know, sometimes years of coaching, training and professional experience aren't enough - sometimes you need lucky hats. Dirty underwear. And the same boring meal at the same time every day. It may not be science, but it's not crazy if it works.

For instance, I came across a Seahawks fan online who prints the entire team's roster, folds it up, and puts it in Tupperware. Then they fill the Tupperware with water and freeze it overnight.

Whatever works, right?

Here then, are the some of the things athletes and their fans do in the name of winning the big game.

The Rally Shoe

It was Game 2 of the 2022 American League Wild Card Series and things weren't looking good for the Seattle Mariners. So, a fan named Ben did the only logical thing a fan can do in these situations: he removed one of his Birkenstock sandals and placed it on top of his head.

Other fans saw what Ben was doing and did the same thing with their footwear, because there's strength in numbers. Almost instantly, the Mariners bats heated up. The team came back from a 7-run deficit and advanced to the AL Division Series.

Time will tell if this "so-new-the-paint-is-still-wet" ritual becomes a tradition, but it will always be remembered because the shoe is being put into the Mariners Hall of Fame. Signed by Ben. For reals.

Rally Fries

In 2007 Mariners' fan John Sarkie dropped his tray of fries when he reached for a fly ball. Things weren't going well for the team, maybe that's why announcer Mike Blowers witnessed the unfortunate fly drop and sent Sarkie a new tray of fries. As soon as the fan received his snack replacement, the game turned around for Seattle and Rally Fries were born. For several years, the team would buy fries for one "lucky fan" at every home game.

Skittles Power Pellets

Retired Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch's pre-game ritual of eating Skittles dates back to his childhood. His mother called them his "power pellets." She told young Lynch that they would help him run fast and play well. Was she wrong? His stats would seem to back up dear old mom.

Punter's Preference

With every pre-game meal, Seahawks punter Michael Dickson drinks a cup of coffee with chocolate milk in place of creamer.

King Felix

Mariners' legend "King Félix" Hernández did a skip-step on the foul lines as he headed to the pitcher's mound. He said he had to keep doing it or he may not pitch a good game.

Ichiro's Thang

Seattle Mariners' Ichiro Suzuki famously stepped into the batter's box, pointed his bat toward the pitcher's mound and tugged at his jersey. Every at bat. This is the stuff homeruns are made of.

Never Look at the Numbers

Mariners' alum Raul Ibanez never looked at the scoreboard, never looked at the stats. What he didn't know wouldn't influence his performance. He just played his best, without clouding his mind by worrying about numbers.

Take Out the Garbage

In his 2021 season with the Seattle Mariners, Kyle Seager was in a slump. His bats had gone cold. So, he threw them all out and got new bats. Problem solved.

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